Seller Printing Requirements

How to Post Artwork

1) How to upload artwork for Print of Demand Products

2) Selling Original Artwork and Signed Prints

Image Requirements for Print on Demand


If you are planning on selling products on please follow the file type and file size requirements.

To be sure that your image prints correctly on a variety of products we recommend that you set your color mode on your editing program to Adobe RGB 1998.
If you want to go one step further switch between CMYK and RGB to bring most colors within the CMYK color gamut. Remember we are going to print this with ink on a printer that converts an RGB input to a CMYKLcLm process.
The Light Cyan and Light Magenta attempt to extend the normal CMYK profile to meet the demands of Adobe RGB.
If you are using Photoshop there is a wonderful feature under the view tab called Gamut Warning. Turning that on right before saving will show you if any colors our outside the chosen color profile.

Submit HIGH RESOLUTION images with little or no compression.

Phone Cases - 1300x2000 pixels (jpg)

Mugs - 2640x1080 pixels (png)

Throw Pillows - 3600x3600 pixels (jpg)

Laptop Cases - 4500x3225 pixels (jpg)

Clocks - 2928x2976 pixels (jpg)      (Clocks are only available with BLACK hands so upload artwork only that is light enough in color to work with that limitation)

Art Prints on Paper and Canvas - Submit the highest resolution image with no compression!  We will take care of the rest.

Signed Art - You will be shipping your signed artwork to our customers. You will need to upload a small preview image for our customers to see. Please make sure it is as clear as possible.

The Process

We think it is a good idea to set up templates inside your photo editing program to quickly select each product dimension easily. Then drag your artwork over this template and make adjustments to your satisfaction and save it as a new image.