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Artzillu sells independent art from creatives all around the world.

Whether it be signed art, Art Prints, iPhone Cases, Throw Pillows, Tapestry, or Coffee Mugs,

Artists set their own profit for every product sold.

We are the ONLY FREE marketplace for selling Signed Artist Prints and Limited Edition Prints.

Every artist will be featured on our Instagram account @artzillu

For Artists who want to Join Artzillu:

We are looking for Artists to join us!  If you are a professional artist then please send us a link to your portfolio

to get a quick approval to post your work. The art we like is of an illustrative style. Gone are the days of the

Parisian Cafes. We like art that tells a story!  Art of a more illustrative style to capture the imagination of

our customers. It can be of any medium, oil, acrylic, digital or even photography as long as it has a message,

in the image, however subtle, we will like it.

We also like great pattern art for our phone cases, coffee mugs and pillows.